Life is a cabaret in Hoquiam

On Monday night, the amended a long outdated municipal code to allow dancing by youth within the city in a place serving food without a license.

The municipal code, written in 1934 following prohibition, previously required a license for any business defined as a “cabaret” or “public dance establishment” if “food or refreshments are served”. The code also set the hours of operation, including provisions that only allowed such dancing to certain times including between 2-10pm on Sundays.

City Attorney Steve Johnson responded to council comments on each section removed or amended, explaining that it is an update.

Hoquiam resident Steven Puvogal, who opened the business Events on Emerson, recently questioned the council on the outdated code, last updated in 1992, saying that the rules would not allow teen dances to be held at his building or elsewhere within the city.

On Monday, after discussion, the ordinance was amended to reflect current standards, replacing food and refreshments with alcohol, and updating sections to better align with a bar or dance club.


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