Levies face opposition from County Commissioners

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners made the decision to impose a refund levy, but after a lot of indecision postponed the decision on another levy.

The commissioners brought forward the Road Fund refund levy of over $19,000 and Commissioner moved to approve the levy but he did not receive a second.

Commissioner then moved to deny the levy and received a second from Commissioner , but Welch then voted no on the levy which meant that the proposition was neither approved or denied and will be brought back up next week at their meeting.

There were still two more refund levies on the agenda, for over $78,000 for the General Fund and over $200 for the Veteran Relief Fund. Both of which were approved with two to one votes with Commissioner Cormier voting no on both of those.

The road fund levy is expected to be back on the agenda next week.

GH County

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