LeMay rates to go up for county residents

Grays Harbor County residents will be seeing an increase in the LeMay transfer station rate.

At their meeting on Monday the Grays Harbor County Commissioners postponed the adjustment for the rate increase for 2018 but part of the increase is part of the contract with LeMay.

In the contract the county is obligated to provide LeMay with an annual cost of living increase and a fuel surcharge adjustment which for 2018 will increase the tonnage fee by $2.81.

There is another proposed increase for a county administration fee which would be to supplement the reduction of state funding for solid waste programs from the .

That increase would be $1.46.

Commissioner asked for the item to be postponed because he wanted more information.

Both increases were in the same agenda item but the commissioners said that they may be separated into two items on a future agenda.

If both increases are passed the total increase for 2018 would be $4.27 and the central transfer station tip fee would be $101.00 up from $96.73.

According to LeMay the impact of the increase to the average homeowner with every other week garbage service is $0.29 per month.



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