Lake Quinault School District audit results

The Lake Quinault School district was audited recently by the Washington State ’s Office for not effectively controlling their costs, resulting in a continued decline in their finances.

Auditors have communicated with the district about their declining General Fund, which has decreased by more than $77,000 since 2011. The audit found that this trend is continuing.

As of March 31st the General Fund ending balance was negative $109,285. Due to the negative general fund balance, the District was issued approximately $327,000 in interest-bearing warrants through the Grays Harbor County Treasurer’s Office for the 2012-2013 school year.

The audit reports that the district is in full cooperation with the auditors and is taking steps to correct the balance and clean up past issues. The Board of Directors approved a plan to reduce personnel costs, both this year and next, to align the district’s staff to better match their student population. On March 11th the district reduced hours for classified staff to adjust to the cash balance.

The Auditors Office will follow up on the department’s status during the next audit.



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