Kurt Cobain Day plans begin to be released

The has included live music into their Day events.

Gebular announced on their Facebook page that they will perform on February 2oth to honor . Mayor said that the band will be playing at the Aberdeen Museum of History as part of the week’s events.

Bassist Clint Mullins posted on his personal Facebook page that they got the confirmation from Mayor Simpson on Monday. Gebular had previously performed at the Kurt Cobain Memorial Foundation’s “Lounge Acts” show in 2008 at the 7th Street Theatre.

Mayor Simpson said that the band was referred to the City by one of the volunteers working to prepare a cement Cobain statue to be moved into the museum. The museum will be transferring the cement statue of Cobain, sculpted by local artist Randi Hubbard, into their Aberdeen Music Experience exhibit this month, prior to February 20th.

At this time, no other events related to Kurt Cobain Day have been confirmed.



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