Job openings could double in 2014

In a survey last spring, Washington employers reported they expect to nearly double their job openings by spring 2014.

According to the Department’s “2013 Spring Job-Vacancy and Hiring Survey Report,” job vacancies in Washington increased by 63%, from nearly 52,000 in spring 2012 to more than 85,000 in spring 2013.

More than two-thirds of the 2013 vacancies were in Western Washington. 26% were newly created positions, compared to 22% a year earlier, with more than three-fourths being permanent positions.

For the first time, Employment Security asked employers how many vacancies they expected to have 12 months in the future. Employers said they anticipate having over 157,000 vacancies this spring, almost double reported for 2013. More than half will be in Western Washington.

Employment Security surveys employers twice a year about their job vacancies and new hiring.




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