January County-by-County Unemployment Raises Statewide

The unemployment number in Grays Harbor is no longer in the top two highest within the state, but not by much.

Unemployment figures from the Department, based on residents statewide currently using state resources to get employed, raised almost 1.5% in January from the December figures, now putting the local number at 13.8% and placing us as the third highest within the state.

In January, unemployment raised virtually statewide with Pacific County also raising almost an entire percentage point from 11.8% in December to 12.7% in January.

Both Grays Harbor and Pacific County figures raised almost an entire percentage point from November of 2012 onto December. Historically, December and January have been the highest figures shown in recent years throughout the state. In December of 2011 Grays Harbor unemployment was at 13.5%. In January and February 2010, unemployment locally was recorded as 15.7%.

Ferry and Pend Oreille counties top the state with 14.9% and 13.9% respectively.


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