Inattentive driving sends Westport man to hospital

An Alaska man is accused of not paying attention while driving, resulting in a Westport man being sent to the hospital.

According to a report from the , a 63 year old Anchorage man was driving south on State Route 105 Monday afternoon, heading towards Westport.

In the passenger seat of his 1989 Dodge Dakota was a 44 year old Westport man.

As he was driving, a vehicle ahead of the truck slowed down to make a left turn in the neighborhood. The report states that the Alaska man had to swerve to avoid the vehicle, leaving the road and rolling his truck onto the top in the ditch.

The Westport passenger was taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for his injuries in the accident.

Inattention is being named as the cause, and the driver was cited.


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