HPD Female Jail Addition opened Friday

The Department Female Jail Addition opened on April 1st.

After over a year of planning, design and construction, the new Hoquiam Police Department Jail Addition was placed into service on Friday.

The Hoquiam Jail was placed back into full service exactly three years ago on April 1, 2013, after signing a contract with the state to hold felony probation violators from Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties.

The City Jail had been closed over 10-years due to budget cuts. The state pays the Hoquiam Police Department $85 per day, per inmate.

HPD also holds inmates under contract for the City of and City of Cosmopolis.

The five current female inmates were moved from the two-cell female area into the new dormitory style facility at around 2:00pm on Friday.

Western Washington Construction of Hoquiam worked up to the final minutes to touch-up the last needed details.

The new Female Addition will create a total of 12 female bunks; the prior female cells in the existing jail will be converted to male, thus bringing the male bunked inmate population to 18.

The Hoquiam Jail will have the capacity for 30 bunked inmates.

Deputy Chief Don Wertanen is commended for his work in conceiving, designing and managing this extensive project.

Hoquiam Police Chief said “It is exciting to see a concept sketched out on a piece of paper over a year ago turn into the facility we have today. I am very proud of the work of our staff and all the talent in our local architect and contractors.”



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