Hoquiam National Night Out block parties

The Hoquiam Police Department has released their list of block parties for National Night Out.

They say they have a great list of locations where neighbors are hosting parties for the event on Tuesday, August 1st.

As of July 26th the list includes:

  • 1400 Marion Street
  • 700 Karr Ave
  • 400 J Street
  • 900 Monroe Street
  • 600 K Street (Hoquiam )
  • 900 First Street
  • 300 Prospect
  • 900 K Street (Channel Point Village)
  • 1500 C Street
  • YMCA of Grays Harbor
  • 1600 Broadway Ave (Riverside Place)
  • 500 Emerson Ave (Garfield side)

If you would like to host a party and want to make sure you get a visit from police/ fire and city personnel, contact the HPD or Tracy Wood at City Hall to get on the list.

The National Forest Service is also sending Smokey the Bear this year and McGruff “take a bite out of crime” Dog will be going to each party to visit with the kids.

The Hoquiam Police Department says it is never too late to host a party.

Please contact Chief if you have any questions or would like to host a block party at jmyers@cityofhoquiam.com or 360-532-0892 x 105.


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