Hoquiam City Council approves local consolidation discussion

The discussion about consolidating local cities has officially begun.

On Monday night, the was presented with a letter from the mayors of Hoquiam, Aberdeen, and Cosmopolis asking to form a group to discuss consolidating services.

The letter, signed by all three mayors, says

“We are convinced that such an undertaking is in the best interest of our citizens.”

The letter does not specify which services could be consolidated, or give a time frame, but instead asked the councils to authorize the cities to begin discussions and develop an action plan.

“The effort that we envision includes establishing working groups of appropriate administrative representatives from our three municipalities.”

The plan asks to establish a time table, work plan, and budget to consider if consolidation is a real option for the area.

The Hoquiam City Council unanimously approved moving forward with talks. The Aberdeen and Cosmopolis City Council have not yet seen the letter. Aberdeen meets this Wednesday, while Cosmopolis meets October 5.




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