Hoquiam boy fires gun that he found in his home into the street

Sunday afternoon, Hoquiam officers were called to the 600 block of K Street after a 5 year old boy shot a revolver in the street.

Officers spoke with a 21-year old Aberdeen man, who said he was walking in the 700 block of L Street when he saw several boys in a yard playing with toy guns. As he was walking past, he saw another boy, possibly four or five years old, walking with what the victim thought was a squirt gun.

The boy pointed the gun at the other children before pointing it at the man. When the boy fired the gun in his direction, the victim realized the pistol was real.

The boy immediately dropped the gun and ran into a nearby home.

Officers made contact with the 5 year old boy at the home, and he said that he got the gun from inside his home. His parents cooperated with the investigation and turned-over a .38 special revolver. Officers secured the loaded pistol, minus the one spent round, as evidence.

Hoquiam Police Chief says, “It is very clear this was a situation within inches of being tragic. It is a good reminder to secure firearms at all times from the hands of children.”

Officers searched the area, but were unable to determine where the bullet landed.

Detectives are interviewing the family to determine exactly how the child obtained the firearm.

2013 Hoquiam Police Department
2013 Hoquiam Police Department


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