Highly anticipated storm misses Grays Harbor

The storm that some were saying was supposed to be a historic weather event passed without nearly the expected impact.

Grays Harbor Emergency Management says luckily this very strong storm passed farther out to sea than expected and had very little impact on the county.

They say they will always prepare for the worst, yet hope for the best.

Next time we may not be as fortunate.

Emergency Management thanks residents for your cooperation and diligence throughout these two storm events.

“Your preparation efforts and confidence in our alert messaging would have limited any impact the storm might have caused if it passed closer to our county.”

Though the storm was less than expected the Grays Harbor PUD was busy responding to scattered power outages throughout the county.

In a post from the National Weather Service in Seattle, they say “Yes, our forecast did not turn out as predicted. We are not pleased about it either. Post-storm assessments allow us to evaluate our forecasts to determine ways in which we can improve. These assessments are especially critical when our forecast does not turn out as expected. “



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