Grays Harbor Unemployment Rises While State Rate Lowers

Statewide unemployment numbers in November saw the largest one-month drop since 1977, but Grays Harbor saw its number rise.

In figures released today by the Washington Department, Grays Harbor still shows the second highest numbers in the state at 11.4%, an increase from 11.3% in October. Using numbers from the 2011 census, this would equal approximately 8200 workers on unemployment within the county.

In November of 2011, Grays Harbor showed an unemployment rate of 12.8%, compared to the 2010 rate of 12.6%. At the highest, Grays Harbor saw a rate of 15.7% in January and February 2010.

Pacific County remained at 10.5% for November.

saw its number rise and holds the highest number in the state, only slightly higher than Grays Harbor at 11.5%.

Statewide unemployment dropped to 7.8% for November, dropping below 8% for the first time since January 2009. 23 of the 39 counties are above the state average.

Up to 60,000 people in Washington will be shut off of unemployment benefits when extended benefits end on Saturday. Unemployed workers could qualify for up to 99 weeks of benefits for much of the recession. Due to the state’s improved unemployment, extended benefits shut off last April.

An estimated 270,000 people in Washington were unemployed and looking for work last month.




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