Grays Harbor unemployment rate no longer in top 5

Grays Harbor’s rate is no longer in the top five in the state.

While the unemployment rate did rise from November’s 8% to December’s 9.3%, Grays Harbor was passed by multiple counties that also saw their rates rise.

Ferry, Yakima, Pacific, Grant, Pend Oreille, Adams, and Franklin counties all have higher unemployment rates.

Grays Harbor’s labor force increased from November’s 26,975 to December’s 27,288 while those employed dropped from 24,810 to 24,738.

Pacific County which had a December unemployment rate of 9.5% also saw their labor force grow.

It increased from 8,097 to 8,179 and its number of people employed dropped four people according the Department from 7,410 to 7,406.


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