Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office Receives Accreditation

The ’s Department recently received recognition for successfully completing the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Accreditation review. Accreditation is a voluntary process in which law enforcement officials review an agency’s policies and procedures to determine if they meet industry standards in all aspects of law enforcement. There are 136 standards in all and an agency must comply with all of them in order to receive recognition.

Originally accredited in 1994, GHSO have continued to participate in this voluntary program. Sheriff said, “It takes a combined effort from all personnel to make sure our agency stays in compliance with all of the standards and procedures which can be a difficult task during these tough times of reduced staff and budget. I am very proud of our personnel for their efforts.”

There are currently only seven Sheriff’s Departments in the State of Washington that are accredited with WASPC.

Scott says that the benefits to accreditation are:

To increase public confidence in the agency
To increase credibility.
To provide a systemized agency self-assessment.
To broaden perspectives.
To intensify administrative and operational effectiveness.
To ensure recruitment, selection, and promotion processes are fair and equitable.
To strengthen understanding of agency policies and procedures by agency personnel
To improve agency morale and pride.
To decrease susceptibility to litigation and costly civil court settlements.
To potentially reduce liability insurance costs.
To provide state and local recognition of professional competence

Grays Harbor COSO Accred

Left to Right: WASPC President Chief Ed Holmes of the Mercer Island Police Department, Chief Civil Deputy Judy Mawhorter, Sheriff Rick Scott and WASPC Director of Management Services Mike Painter


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