Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office asking for information on found human bones

The ’s Office is asking for information about human bones that were found between Elma and McCleary.

They are requesting assistance from residents living in the area of Stillson Rd and Elma-Hicklin Rd.

According to the sheriff’s office, in September a citizen living in the area of Stillson Rd contacted them about possible human bones found on their property.

The bones were later confirmed to be adult human bones.

They say that it is believed the bones came from within the general area of Stillson Rd and were possibly brought to this property by animals that carried them from their original location.

The sheriff’s office is requesting any citizen in the general area of Stillson Rd and Elma-Hicklin Rd W to watch for bones on their property.

If you have found or find bones on your property or if you have any information on the bones that were found immediately contact Det. Paul Fritts of the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office at 360-964-1754.



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