Grays Harbor PUD says that outages were less in 2016

The Grays Harbor PUD says that customer power was more stable this year than in years past.

The PUD tells KXRO that customer power outages and total outage hours dropped in 2016, saying that this makes the years “reliability numbers some of the best in recent memory.”

General Manager Dave Ward said, “These numbers tell us that our mission and responsibility to our customers is being fulfilled.”

According to the PUD, the total number of outages of 50 or more customers rose in 2016 to 369, which was 19% under the five year average.

Ward says that total outages in 2016 fell from 83,755 in 2015 to 59,334 in 2016, and that the total customer outage hours fell from 303,880 in 2015 to 171,220.

“I am so proud of the story these numbers tell,” said PUD Commission President Arie Callaghan.  “Every year, the PUD system endures blow after blow from storms and downed trees and yet each year our reliability numbers remain strong.  That tells our customers that their utility is meeting its responsibility to keep the power moving and their system functioning.”

Downed trees and wind storms were named as the leading cause of outages in Grays Harbor, causing 77% of the outages in 2016.

“Moving forward, these numbers tell us the areas on which we need to continue our vegetation management focus,” said Ward.  “As we continue our tree trimming cycle and assemble our capital budget for the coming year, these high outage areas will be the focus of our attention to ensure that the utility resources are directed where they are most needed.”

The most commonly impacted areas included the Lake Quinault and the areas, , the Elma Gate and Elma McCleary Roads.










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