Grays Harbor Mayors speak out against levy shift

Mayors from across the county sent a letter to Commission Chair and Commissioners Terry Willis & Mike Wilson this week regarding the County road levy shift.

In their statement they outline the increased taxes paid by each city as a result of the shift implemented in 2012. They say, during the 2011 budget season, the Commissioners shifted $750,000 from the County Road Fund Levy to their General Levy and the result was primarily a tax increase to owners of real property in the incorporated municipalities, but it was also a tax increase to county residents as well.

Their figures show that out of the total $750 thousand, over $400 thousand was paid by cities within Grays Harbor in additional taxes for what they describe as “absolutely no increase, change or improvement in service levels.”

The Mayors end their statement by saying “It is not appropriate for the County to continue trying to balance their budget on the backs of the citizens of our cities.”

Included in the statement are; Aberdeen Mayor , Cosmopolis Mayor , Elma Mayor Dave Osgood, Hoquiam Mayor , McCleary Mayor Gary Dent, Montesano Mayor Ken Estes, Oakville Mayor Charles Norskog, Ocean Shores Mayor Crystal Dingler, and Westport Mayor Michael Bruce.

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