Grays Harbor jobs spike in July but remains in top 5 for unemployment

Grays Harbor gained over 700 jobs from June to July but remained in the top five for unemployment for the state.

According to the Washington State Department Grays Harbor was tied for the fourth highest unemployment in the state with at 6.3% and Pacific County was sixth with an unemployment rate of 6.2%.

Both the labor force and the number of those employed grew in Grays Harbor from June to July with the labor force increasing by 782 and those employed growing by 742.

That is the largest increase in jobs from a June to July since 1998.

GGHI CEO Dru Garson spoke about why there has been an increase in jobs.

In July of 2016 there were 1,406 less jobs in Grays Harbor and the unemployment rate was 8.2%.

The unemployment rate of 6.3% is the lowest rate in any month since before 1990.

In Pacific County the labor force grew by 359 from June to July and the number of those employed increased by 357.

At 6.2% it was the lowest unemployment rate since July of 2007 when it was 6%.

The labor force grew from last July by 142 and the total of those employed grew by 242.

Last July’s Pacific County unemployment rate was 7.5%.

Grays Harbor June 2017 July 2017 July 2016
Labor Force 27,655 28,437 27,499
Total Employment 25,906 26,648 25,242
Total Unemployment   1,749    1,789    2,257
Unemployment Rate   6.3%    6.3%    8.2%


Pacific County June 2017 July 2017 July 2016
Labor Force 8,427 8,786 8,644
Total Employment 7,880 8,237 7,995
Total Unemployment    547    549    649
Unemployment Rate   6.5%    6.2%    7.5%



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