Grays Harbor Fair prices increase for kids and seniors

The Grays Harbor County Fair admission prices for children and seniors will go up for this year.

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners passed a resolution that raised the price of the admission from $6 to $7 for children and seniors at their meeting yesterday.

Commissioner spoke about the opportunities that are still available for people to attend the fair at a lower cost.

In the proposal, it says that the increase is necessary due to “naturally rising operational costs in several areas” which include fair entertainment, utilities, repairs/maintenance, and salaries/wages for employees.

The one dollar rate increase does not impact discounted youth admission prices on “Kids Day”, or the free admission on Sunday from 10:00am to 11:00am.

The measure was previously brought to the board at their meeting on June 26th but did not receive a motion.

The commissioners said that was because of a lack of information at that time.

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