Grays Harbor Concealed Pistol Licenses See Dramatic Increase

Grays Harbor has seen a large increase in Concealed Pistol Licenses issued in December of last year and in January.

Grays Harbor County Sherriff says that last year they saw a significant increase in Concealed Pistol Licenses and that trend has continued to grow into this year. Last year, Scott says his office issued over 900 licenses. In January of 2013, 165 were issued compared to just 55 in January 2012.

Sheriff Scott talked to KXRO about what could be some of the motivating factors for citizens to want a concealed pistol, saying that citizens concerned about losing their 2nd Amendment rights and fear of the recent violence seem to be motivating factors.

Starting March 1st, due to an increase in staffing cuts, the Sheriff’s main office front desk will be closing at 4 pm instead of 5 pm in an effort to keep up with all the paperwork that comes with the increase in CPL applications and their obligations to pistol transfers and sales.

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