Grays Harbor Community Hospital responds to Montesano billboard debate

Following criticisms raised at the latest meeting toward the Grays Harbor Public Hospital District #2, the hospital group has responded.

In a statement, the Grays Harbor Community Hospital says that they began discussions with the City of Montesano in early March to grant permission for Pioneer Avenue to be widened, using a portion of land in front of the Montesano clinic.

They say that over the next months there were a series of talks over the fact that the public hospital could not “give” the property to the city. Over the next four months there were regular, documented discussions regarding the project, specifically two items: The fact that GHCH was legally unable to “give” the property, but would need to surplus it based on state law.

In addition, they say that there were conversations that discussed how the clinic would operate as construction continued, with the work being done in front of the building.

As for the concerns raised by Montesano Finance Director Doug Streeter and City Council President Dan Wood regarding a $40,000 value for the land, the hospital says this was a misinterpretation.

They say that “At no point in time did the hospital assume or claim the land related to this exchange was valued at $40,000. This simple misinterpretation of the language led to a complete breakdown in communication between the two parties.”

The hospital also tells KXRO that it was only during the final weeks of paperwork being done by the city that they learned there was the deadline.

Streeter told KXRO that the deadline to submit the full paperwork was Friday, June 16.’

The portion of the project next to the Hospital District’s clinic was taken out of the plan.


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