Grayland man arrested while reporting a crime

Aberdeen Officer Jeff Weiss was in parked at the Aberdeen Police Station on Wednesday when he saw a red Chevrolet Camaro drive through the lot and park in front of the department.

The driver got of the car and walk to the front door, and then to the staff door of the station. Officer Weiss said that the man appeared to be talking to himself.

The man walked back to the front of the station and the officer discovered that he had placed a bench up against the front doors of the station along with a flower planter. A second planter had the plant pulled out and thrown onto the ground.

The man told Officers Weiss and Perkinson that he had called the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office to his home in over alleged Domestic Violence involving his father. The 21 year old man said he was mad that the deputies did not arrest his dad so he drove to Aberdeen to complain and see if officers would go to with him to arrest his father.

The man was told the GHSO had already responded and investigated the complaint, and was then placed under arrest for DUI and for malicious mischief.

The Grayland man was booked into the jail without incident.



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