General Election: East County

McCleary Mayor Brent Schiller seemingly will not need to clear his office, leading challenger Jared Berken 65.61% to 34.39%.

McCleary will see 3 new Councilmembers, with Brycen Huff, Jaron Heller, and Joy Iversen looking to join the council. Current Councilmember Ben Blankenship will also return, currently leading for his seat.

McCleary voters are approving a levy lid lift that would increase property tax by $0.48, moving that tax to $3.29 per $1,000 of assessed value for homes beginning 2018. It is currently passing with 60.77%.

In Elma, Councilman David Blackett looks to retain his seat over Elroy Papke, leading 63.13% to 36.87%.

Papke had previously run for Mayor in 2015.

Councilmembers Pat Miller and Tom Boling ran unopposed and will retain their seats.

Montesano will get a brand new Councilmember, as Antony Chung will be replaced by Kim Cristobal, leading with 55.65%.

Ian Cope will retain his seat, winning against Barry Iverson with 56.79%, and Tyler Trimble is winning against Ray Meyers with 54.49%.

Current Oakville Mayor Keith Francis has now won his seat. Francis replaced former Mayor Thomas Sims in June.

Councilmembers Anthony Smith and John Ruymann ran unopposed.



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