General Election: Beaches

Grays Harbor Fire District #8 on the North Beach will continue to receive their regular property tax levy to pay for ambulance services, with 76.54% approving the levy.

Councilmember John Lynn may be losing his seat on the Ocean Shores City Council, trailing 16 votes to Susan Connery 50.53% to 49.47%.

Lisa Griebel is leading Shannon Rubin for Position #3 with 54.32% to 45.68%.

Current Councilwoman Jackie Farra will lose 2 seats this election, as she chose to file for position #3 instead of #5 that she currently sits on. Farra received the least votes in the Primary.

Council Position #5 is currently being led by Steve Ensley, 55.47% to 44.53% over Randy Scott.

On the South Beach, current Councilmember Louis Summers is leading former Mayor Michael Bruce 63.28% to 36.72%.

Melissa Huerta and Tom Aronson ran unopposed.

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