Gas leak in north Hoquiam

There is a gas leak affecting residents in the north Hoquiam area.

The tells KXRO that just before 2:30pm, and Police were dispatched to a reported gas leak in the 900 Block of Lincoln Street.

They say that a vehicle traveling down the alley apparently struck and ruptured a gas meter at that location.

Police and fire units established a unified command and immediately began to divert traffic off of Lincoln Street (US 101) as well as evacuate all of the homes in the immediate block.

Personnel from Cascade Natural Gas responded and were able to stop the leak.  They then proceeded to check for residential gas pockets along the adjacent houses which had escaped during the leak.

Several residents were evacuated from their homes during the initial response however no injuries or other damage was reported other than the meter struck by the vehicle.

The detour continues to be in place at this time but should be open soon once the gas company gives the all clear.


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