Frigid temperatures expected for the weekend

Temperatures are expected to be  frigid this weekend with the possibility of
another snow event.

The National Weather Service in Seattle is forecasting single digit
temperatures throughout the entire County for tonight into Sunday morning.

Some computer models are showing the possibility of another snow event
similar to the one last night to occur later this weekend. More
information will follow as the models develop greater confidence.

urges all citizens to check on
friends and neighbors who may need assistance dealing with the extreme
cold temperatures. Remain vigilant over pets and farm animals that are

Those using portable heaters and generators should be aware of the
dangers of using them indoors or too close to windows and doors. Never
use your oven or stove for heat! Review the warning signs for Carbon
Monoxide poisoning to protect yourself and your family.

As always during these events, roads may freeze or become covered with
frost or snow and become extremely hazardous. Use caution while driving
and give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination.

and County Road Crews will be working throughout the weekend to
maintain safe roadways.





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