Fireworks coming to Montesano as part of Homecoming

If you live in Montesano, expect some loud noises this weekend.

While there may not be a cannon going off every touchdown at the game, there will be fireworks.

In a post from the Montesano School District, they say that fireworks will be going off multiple times this Friday.

As part of Homecoming on Friday, the school will have fireworks “before the game, at half time and at the end of the game.”

The cannon was removed from the football games early this season. Superintendent Dan Winter told KXRO that it was removed because of “a recommendation by our insurance carrier”.

He added;

“This is strictly a decision based on eliminating liability for the district”.

In working with groups who advocate for the cannon’s use, KXRO was told that the district was allowing the use after lineups are announced and after a win, but only for a limited amount of games.

At the homecoming game, loud noises will be coming from both the cannon and the fireworks.

The school district reminds residents to ensure pets are contained during the display.

“Thanks for being great neighbors and Go Bulldogs!“


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