Final day of Filing Week with numerous offices open

Over 50 local offices remain unfiled for as of Thursday night.

106 candidates have stepped forward in Grays Harbor, filing for 82 of the 122 seats open this year.

In Pacific County, 66 people have filed for 55 of the 73 open seats.

Former Grays Harbor County Commissioner has filed for his former seat on the . Current councilman Denny Lawrence told KXRO that he was unsure if he would refile for the seat. Gordon previously won the election against Lawrence for that seat in 2009.

In Raymond, the Mayor’s race is now scheduled to appear on the August ballot as current Mayor Steve Jones has filed to retain his seat, joining Tony Nordin and Nelia Jones.

All 3 open offices in Grays Harbor Hospital District #2 are now 2 candidate races to lead the Grays Harbor Community Hospital group.

One candidate has removed their name from the August Election. Carlos Roldan is no longer running for a seat on the Ocean Shores City Council.

Any races with 3 or more people filed will appear on the August ballot to narrow the field down to 2.

Any candidate who files has until Monday afternoon to contact the Grays Harbor ’s Office to remove their name from the ballot.

If offices remain unfiled for in a taxing or other district, a special filing period may be held or the Auditor may request that the district as a whole be disbanded.



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