Filing for public office begins today

Filing for public office in Grays Harbor begins today and ends on Friday. Filing for county offices can be done at the ’s office in Montesano. Online filing for county or state offices is available at

You must be registered to vote in the district for which you are filing and will be asked for a valid email address for use by elections in sending confirmation of filing and notices from the election office.

Grays Harbor offices and filing fees.

Grays Harbor – ALL Grays Harbor
Commissioner #1 (4-year term, Partisan)  $762.40
Commissioner #2 (4-year term, Partisan) $762.40

Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 2 Clallam, Grays Harbor, Jefferson, Kitsap, Mason, Thurston
Judge Position 2 (6-year term, Nonpartisan) $1563.28

Grays Harbor Superior Court Grays Harbor
Judge Position 1 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) $1488.32
Judge Position 2 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) $1488.32
Judge Position 3 (4-year term, Nonpartisan) $1488.32

Justice Position 2 (6-year term, Nonpartisan) $1642.21
Justice Position 8 (6-year short and full term, Nonpartisan) $1642.21
Justice Position 9 (6-year term, Nonpartisan) $1642.21

PUD District – ALL Grays Harbor
PUD Comm (1) (6-year term, Nonpartisan) $216.0

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