Preliminary numbers in the 2011 Primary Elections for Grays Harbor are coming into the KXRO studios, and there are few surprises. In the Aberdeen Mayoral race, incumbent and Councilman Paul Fritts lead by a sizable gap, while Jerry Mills and Denny Lawrence lead newcomer Michelle Barclay by 10% for the seat in Ward 6.

Elma Mayor Dave Osgood leads his challengers by almost 30% across the board with the three other candidates are almost evenly matched at 15%-20%.

Ken Estes maintains a sizable 30% lead on challenger Doug Streeter for the Montesano Mayoral race, with Walt Bussard trailing by a further 10%.

All Grays Harbor levies each need a 60% super majority to pass and all 4 fire levies have just that, with Fire District 11 and Fire District 14 both leading with over 75% majority. Proposition 1 is also passing with a super majority and the levy is passing by over 70%.

Given the low turnout and with 2000 ballots left to count at the Auditors office and an unknown number of ballots in the mail postmarked, , these numbers can still change dramatically. The next scheduled ballot count is Friday at 5pm. KXRO will continue to update as new information is available.

For complete election results, visit the Grays Harbor County ’s page HERE.



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