Extended unemployment benefits cut by sequester

The state’s Department is preparing to reduce emergency unemployment benefits by 21 percent due to the federal sequester law.

Emergency unemployment compensation is a federally funded program that provides additional weeks of unemployment benefits to workers who run out of regular benefits. In Washington, regular unemployment benefits last up to 26 weeks, workers can then receive up to 37 weeks of EUC.

Beginning May 19, EUC recipients will see their weekly benefits reduced when they move from regular benefits onto EUC, or when they adjust within their extended benefits.

Since EUC is a federal program, the sequester law requiring across-the-board reductions takes priority over the minimum weekly benefit established in state law. Therefore, people receiving the current minimum weekly benefit of $143 will be reduced to $112.

About 40,000 people in Washington are now receiving EUC or nearing the end of their regular unemployment benefits.

More information is available at esd.wa.gov.


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