Escaped Naselle Youth Camp inmates captured in Raymond

Two escaped convicts were caught in Raymond.

The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office says that they were called around 9am Monday morning after 2 inmate workers on a work crew escaped from the crew vehicle as the vehicle stopped at the intersection near the Raymond McDonald’s.

The inmates were from the Naselle Youth Camp.

Pacific County Communications Center informed the Raymond Police Department, who reached out the the Sheriff’s Office to search for the men.

Officers notified residents and searched the area.

Less than an hour after beginning their search, a resident who lived about 2 blocks from where the men ran off told officers that they saw the men take off their Youth Camp issued red shirts and flee nearby.

Deputy Jesse Eastham was able to spot  the escapees and chased them on foot into the brush nearby and apprehend the men.

“The swift capture of the two escapees was a direct result of the mutual aid provided by the ’s Office, the South Bend Police Department and the ”.” I am very thankful for the quick response of the agencies that assisted as well as the keen eyes of our citizens that aided in this capture,” stated Raymond Police Chief Chuck Spoor.

The two escapees were transported to the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office and turned over to the Naselle Youth Camp authorities.



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