Emergency Notification test a success

Yesterday, Grays Harbor Emergency Management conducted a full test of their Emergency Notification System, and they say it was a success.

6000 phone calls were made in less than 30 minutes, text messages sent within 5 minutes, and emails sent within 3 minutes.

“The test was accomplished extremely fast with very little issues” said Deputy Director of Emergency Management . He tells KXRO that the problem contacts are being isolated and the office is working to correct them.

In 2009, the notification system for the county sent 1000 messages and it took over 5 hours to complete. The old system was not designed to be used for tsunami notification.
The cost of their previous system was in the tens of thousands of dollars per year. Their new system from Teleira Resilient Communications costs less than $3,600 per year to operate, and is far quicker and provides them with texting capability which was not available previously.

“This is a win/win situation for the county and all citizens. Cost savings, efficiency and speed.” said Wallace.

If you did not receive a phone call, text message and an e-mail and believe you should have, please visit the Emergency Management website and fill out the form to correct any problems which may exist.





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