Elma man among deceased in Lacey shooting

AP Lacey – Police say that in addition to meth, investigators found heroin, several thousand dollars and about half a dozen firearms inside of a travel trailer where three people, including an Elma man, were found shot to death.

Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Dave Pearsall said none of the weapons found were involved in Wednesday’s shooting.

He said that they’re not yet calling it a drug-related crime, but noted “this is a known area for some narcotics being sold.”

Pearsall said that there was no sign of a struggle in the trailer in Lacey, and the two men were both shot in the head and the woman was shot in the back.

Officials also released the ages and hometowns of those killed and injured in Wednesday’s shooting.

The three people found dead in the trailer near Lacey, were a 34-year-old Elma man, a 31-year-old Olympia woman, and a 28-year-old Olympia man.

According to Pearsall the man who was shot and survived is 30 and from Olympia.

He underwent surgery at a local hospital and is in stable condition.

Investigators have talked with the man who survived the shooting and called 911, but Pearsall said he’s still not coherent following surgery.

Pearsall said he hasn’t been ruled out as a suspect at this time, but is not currently a suspect.



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