Election Day resources

What is on the ballot?

8 statewide ballot measures

  • Same-sex marriage
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Charter schools
  • Taxes

10 Congressional races
Special election to fill the vacancy in the 1st District
Open seats in the 1st, 6th and 10th District
9 statewide executive races
Open seats in 4 races
98 state House races
26 state Senate races
Judicial races: , Court of Appeals, Superior Court
County offices
Local ballot measures


What are people asking?

How do I return my ballot?

  • In a ballot drop box by 8:00 pm Election Day
  • 24 hr DROP BOX available at ’s office in Montesano
  • Drive up ballot drop box at the YMCA
  • Log in to MyVote for additional ballot drop box locations.
  • By mail with a postmark no later than Election Day. Check the pick-up time on the box if mailing on Tuesday.

How do I get a replacement ballot?

  • Contact your county elections office by phone, email or website. This close to the election, many offices are issuing ballots electronically.

Is the Voters’ Pamphlet available online?

  • All races at www.vote.wa.gov and personalized information at www.myvote.wa.gov

2012 General Election

  • 3,910,190 active registered voters in Washington.
  • Over 178,000 registered or reactivated since the August Primary.
  • Approximately 60,000 military and overseas voters
  • Ballot return rate about 38% as of Thursday, Nov. 1.
  • May indicate an overall turnout above the 81% prediction.
  • Election night returns will reflect about 60% of all ballots eventually counted in the election.
  • About 90% of ballots will be counted by Friday.
  • Close races will remain close; clear winner may not be known until Friday.
  • Counties certify on Tuesday, Nov. 27. State will certify Wednesday, Dec. 5.

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