Earthquake hits Olympic Penninsula

A magnitude 4.2 earthquake struck the region last night.

The U.S. Geological Survey and the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network reported the quake hit at 8:59 pm about 9 miles west of Belfair.

The Sheriff’s Office said on Twitter Wednesday night that some alarm systems went off but there were no reports of slides or other damage.

Washington Emergency Management tweeted that people in a wide area felt the quake.

told KXRO that research has shown we are susceptible to much larger earthquakes along the Cascadia Fault line and along many inland fault lines which are predicted to cause “great havoc” to our communities and cities.

Deputy Director of Emergency Management says that even Grays Harbor County has a large inland fault which research has shown to have the capability of generating a 7+ magnitude earthquake. That’s much bigger than the Nisqually earthquake and much closer to us.

We’ve seen multiple reports on social media, primarily in East County, from local residents who felt the shake.

There was no threat of a tsunami.


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