DUI arrest shows Cosmopolis woman over 2 times legal limit

A Cosmopolis woman was arrested for DUI after reportedly hitting another vehicle driving at double the legal limit for intoxication.

The Aberdeen Police Department tells KXRO that officers were called just after 10pm to NW Boulevard on the way to Cosmopolis, after a witness reported a car was driving the wrong way and struck a vehicle.

Cosmopolis Police were first to arrive and find the 49 year old Cosmopolis woman, reporting that she had been drinking.

An Aberdeen Officer asked the woman for her driver’s license, insurance and registration, but the officer reported that she had ” considerable difficulty finding the documents due to her intoxication”.

When asked to perform field sobriety tests, APD reports that the woman was too intoxicated to perform them as well.

The driver was arrested for DUI and taken to the Aberdeen Jail

Aberdeen Police say that the woman was “more than twice the legal limit” of intoxication to drive.

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