Driver of flaming car arrested for reckless driving

Police responded to a car fire this morning and arrested the driver of the flaming car for reckless driving.

The Aberdeen Police Department tells KXRO that at about 4:30am Wednesday morning, officers responded to the Westport Highway across from Emery Auto Sales for a reported car fire.

When the first officer arrived, he could see flames coming from underneath the vehicle.

They say the inside of the vehicle was filled with smoke and the officer could not see anyone inside.

The car was still running and had a trailer connected to it.

Police say that as the officer approached the vehicle, he shined his light inside and the vehicle quickly went into reverse moving towards bystanders parked on the highway.

The car jackknifed the trailer as it went into the roadway and completely blocked the south bound lane.

The officer ordered the driver to exit the vehicle and the driver got out and told the officer that he was going to move the vehicle.

According to police the man started to get back into the vehicle while there were flames underneath it and loud popping noises.

They say officers on-scene ordered the driver to move away from the vehicle, because he didn’t seem to understand the severity of the situation.

Officers asked the driver if anyone else was in the vehicle, but he was uncooperative.

The man was arrested for Reckless Driving and Obstructing and was transported to the Aberdeen Jail where police say he will be evaluated for his welfare.



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