Dredging continues in Grays Harbor; Corps warns fishermen and crabbers

The U.S. will begin their 2nd phase of Grays Harbor dredging, with the vessel Essayons moving into the Outer Harbor.

According to the Corps, the Essayons is set to arrive in Grays Harbor next week to start dredging on April 25, continuing work “for approximately 20 days to about the third week of May”.

Up to 600,000 cubic yards of material dredged out will be placed on the South Beach, with any additional set at the Pt. Chehalis disposal Site.

With the work, the Corp is asking fishermen and crabbers to move any equipment from the area through May to avoid having it damaged or destroyed. They say that moving gear “at least 300 feet from any channel and disposal area boundary” will “provide a buffer zone to allow for the gear drifting in to the area”.

Currently, the Yaquina is dredging Outer Harbor reaches and will exit Grays Harbor on April 25.

The work areas are part of the ongoing dredging project to move approximately 800,000 cubic yards of material from the Bar, Entrance, Point Chehalis and South reaches combined.

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