Dock Removed from Peninsula Thanks to Help from Japan

Following the removal of the dock found on the Olympic Peninsula, thanked the Japanese government for their assistance in removing tsunami debris that has washed onto Washington shores.

“Our state deeply appreciates Japan’s friendship and the generous gift of $5 million in goodwill to the United States to support response efforts related to tsunami debris, such as the dock that washed ashore and was recently removed from the Olympic National Park and Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

Removing the dock and working on the boat found in Pacific County, the state has been in contact with the Consulate General of Japan in Seattle to work on confirming items as tsunami debris.

Inslee said “The United States and Washington State value the strong collaboration with Japan on the issue of marine debris.”

A 185-ton dock that washed out to sea during the 2011 tsunami has now been removed from Washington’s Olympic Coast. Crews removed the last of the dock from the beach.

The cost for the $628,000 removal effort was paid by and the national park, and with funds provided from the government of Japan.

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