Deputies Follow Trail of Evidence to Juvenile Burglars

The Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office arrested a juvenile after receiving numerous calls about mail theft in . It appeared that someone had been going through mail boxes and opening up the contents.

Deputies then received a call reference a burglary that occurred to a home on Lois Lane. Deputies responded and learned that the residence had been broken into and Christmas presents and stockings, as well as electronics were stolen.

The residents were home at the time of the burglary and believed the person responsible was a former foster child. Deputies were able to track pieces of the Christmas packaging, opened mail, and other items to a residence on Solki Road.

Deputies located three male juveniles ages 13, 14, and 16 years. The 16 year old was the former foster child. All three juveniles eventually admitted to taking items from several mail boxes in an effort to find money in Christmas Cards, among other things. The 16 year old was the only one of the boys who entered the home on Lois Lane and stole items. The other two kids however did assist with that burglary.

The 16 year old was arrested for burglary and transported to the Juvenile Center. The other two juveniles were released to their guardians pending further investigation.

Deputies are continuing to look into the juveniles’ involvement with other crimes that have been occurring in Central Park recently.




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