Crude by rail input will not come from Grays Harbor County Commissioners

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners will not collectively send a message for the scoping of crude by rail.

The commissioners voted down a resolution that would have strongly urged multiple agencies to increase regulations on safety before any crude transport is done not only in Grays Harbor and Washington but Oregon as well.

Commissioner asked for the passage of the resolution and said it was to ask the government to address the concerns of Grays Harbor.

Commissioner said that he didn’t believe that it was the place of the board to make such a resolution and speak not only for the entire region.

Cormier and Commissioner both voted no on the resolution and Cosmopolis Mayor also spoke during the public comment period asking that they did not pass the resolution and she tells KXRO that she believes the public should have had more of an opportunity to see the resolution before it was discussed.

The scoping period for the Environmental Impact Study on the crude by rail projects at the ends May 27th and the commissioners are not scheduled to meet again before that date.

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