Cougar seen in Cosmopolis; not near the school

A cougar was spotted in Cosmopolis.

The City issued a statement saying that around 1 pm, the cougar was spotted on Bell Drive.

Residents and those in the area are reminded that in the event of a cougar encounter, the State Department of Fish and Wildlife Web site advises people to:

  • Pick up small children, but not to run; rapid movements may trigger an attack.
  • Face the cougar, speaking firmly while slowly backing away. Always leave the animal an escape route.
  • Try to appear larger than the cougar by stepping onto a rock or stump, opening a jacket or standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other people to appear intimidating.
  • Do not take your eyes off the cougar, turn your back, crouch down, try to hide, approach the cougar or offer it food.
  • If the cougar does not flee, be more assertive. If it shows signs of aggression, including crouching with ears back, baring its teeth, hissing, twitching its tail or pumping its hid feet in preparation to jump, shout, wave your arms and throw anything you have available. The idea is to convince the cougar that you are a danger, not prey.
  • If the cougar attacks, fight back. Be aggressive and try to stay on your feet. Cougars have been driven away by people who have fought back using anything within reach, including sticks, rocks, shovels, backpacks and clothing — even bare hands. Pepper spray in the cougar’s face is also effective.

If you see a cougar, you are asked to report the sighting to the Department of Fish and Wildlife at 425-775-1311 or call 911.


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