The City of Cosmopolis has set a hearing on June 15th to discuss a moratorium on the licensing and permitting of medicinal dispensaries within city limits. The city says the ordinance is a public emergency ordinance and if passed would be effective immediately and extend for 6 months.  The moratorium was introduced following a letter of intent from Vaughn, WA resident Romeo Schneble, who expressed intention to operate a Medical Cannabis Providership within city limits.  While possession of medicinal is allowed for “qualifying patients” yet the Washington State does not authorize medicinal marijuana dispensaries. The city states that even if a law is passed legalizing these dispensaries, the city would study the impacts associated with such facilities including additional crimes against the dispensaries themselves. The moratorium would provide the city with sufficient time to study the potential impacts of such dispensaries and develop appropriate zoning regulations, in the event such dispensaries are made legal by state .

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