The security consultant recently hired by Grays Harbor to assess the needs of campus security following the shooting and stabbing at the Grays Harbor County Courthouse was asked to serve as the interim Tenino Police Chief.

Retired Sheriff’s Detective David Haller was asked to oversee the Tenino Police Department on a temporary basis as Tenino Mayor Kenneth Jones searches for a permanent replacement to Tenino Police chief Sean Gallagher, who resigned on Wednesday.

Grays Harbor Undersheriff tells KXRO Haller declined the position in Tenino because of his obligations to Grays Harbor.

“My primary obligation at this time is to the courts and sheriff’s office in Grays Harbor County,” Haller wrote in an e-mail.

Gallagher resigned after implications he participated in “conduct unbecoming of an officer” by having an extramarital affair with a Yelm Police officer. The relationship came to light after an investigation into the suicide of his wife Marlo in 2010.


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