Commissioners say state funding not enough for indigent defense

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners approved a grant application from the state for indigent defense for 2018 but they say that it doesn’t come close to covering the cost.

At their Monday meeting the commissioners passed the grant application for $74,259 from the Washington State Office of Public Defense but Commissioners and Randy Ross said it is not nearly enough to pay for the state mandated cost.

The county does budget for the cost of indigent defense but according to the commissioners the total depends on the amount and type of cases the county has.

In 2016 Grays Harbor received $77,934 from the state and the final cost for the year came out to just under $1.2 million ($1,199,986.14).

The county received $76,418 from the state for 2017 and into August the cost has already been over $760,000 ($769,182.86).

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