Commissioners repeal restrictions on land use fees

The Grays Harbor County Commissioners repealed parts of their ordinance that was effectively keeping timber companies from charging to use their land for hunting and other uses.

The commissioners held a special meeting Tuesday solely for the public hearing and the decision on the issue and heard about an hour and 15 minutes of comments from the public.

During that time only two people spoke in favor of repealing the ordinance that was suing the county over and those two disagreed with what was doing but said that the county could not afford the lawsuit.

After the public comment period the commissioners discussed the issue and Commissioner read a statement against repealing the ordinance.

Commissioner said this problem is not one the county could bare.

Commissioner said their chances were not strong enough to risk the county’s money.

Commissioners Raines and Gordon voted to approve repealing sections of the ordinance and Commissioner Cormier voted against.

The county will pay $5,000 to Weyerhaeuser to go towards what has been reported as about $70,000 in attorney fees that Weyerhaeuser has already accrued but that does insure that a lawsuit cannot be brought back against them.

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