City of Cosmopolis allowing recreational fires in burn ban

The is now allowing recreational fires within their burn ban.

On July 10, the City officially placed a ban on all outdoor burning within city limits due to dry weather conditions.

On Thursday, Mayor and Fire Chief Dave Dutton announced that they have modified this ban to allow some recreational fires.

Under the updated restrictions, residents are allowed to have fires “no larger than 3 feet in diameter and 2 feet in height”.

If residents are looking to have a fire, the City is regulating what can and cannot be used.

Only dry firewood, charcoal or commercially produced artificial logs may burned. No debris “of any kind can be burned!”

All recreational fires must be placed “on open ground, in fire pits or containers constructed of concrete containing pumice, masonry, ceramic, or steel materials. Steel Burn Barrels are not allowed”.

The ban on all other outdoor burning will remain in effect until further notice.



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